Shop Today, Pay Tomorrow: A Guide to Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India in 2024

Introduction and Overview:Shop Today, Pay Tomorrow

Buy Now Pay Later App in India is a concept that allows customers to make purchases on the platform and pay later in installments. It is an option for customers who do not have access to traditional credit cards or prefer to manage their expenses with installment payments. It is a hassle-free option to get instant credit through a completely digital process for purchases using EMI on Difference payment platforms.

It requires a one-time setup process. Once you complete the setup, you can avail of the facility. One can easily track his purchases, repayments, and limit history from a simplified dashboard for this payment mode. The Apps allow you to pay your utility bills, like electricity, mobile recharge, gas booking, water bill, etc. This Article will give you a 360-degree view of Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India.

Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India

There are amazing Apps that give you the facility to buy without having money; the cost of buying an item can be paid back later. Sometimes We need some stuff urgently, but somehow, due to a shortage of money, we cannot buy it. But Buy Now, Pay Later apps give you the ability to fulfil all your urgent requirements with easy payback options. Here is the list of buy now, pay later apps in India. Apps are available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, where you can easily get a loan and Credit Limit based on your credit history (or cibil score).

Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India

05 Best APP of buy now pay later

#1 Amazon Pay Later

#2 Flipkart Pay Later

#3 Lazypay

#4 Zestmoney

#05 Simpl

List of Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India

1- Amazon Pay Later

Amazon Pay Later is a financial service offered by Amazon that allows customers to make purchases and pay later. Amazon Pay Later is the hassle-free option to get instant credit through a completely digital process for purchases using EMI on Amazon Pay Later offers convenient and flexible installment payment options for Amazon customers. With integrated checkout, customization repayment duration, and potential interest-free options. Choose amazon Pay Later payment option with EMIs ranging from 3 to 12 months. Amazon Pay India Pvt. Ltd. has partnerships with its third party lending partners, such as Axio or IDFC First Bank. Read more

Amazon Pay Later Eligibility

  • You Should have a Verified Mobile Number and an account.
  • PAN Card is required.
  • Required A Bank Account with one of the selected banks.
  • Address proof such as a driving license, voter ID card, Aadhaar, utility bills (not older than 60 days) and a passport.
  • Age must be 23 years or more.
  • Your credit bureau history and information which Amazon already has, is used to determine your eligibility.

Amazon Pay Later Registration

  • Currently available only on Mobile (app & m-web Open) Go to the amazon app and then go to the amazon Pay Later registration page. Complete KYC bases on 04 KYC options.
  • Option 1- Existing KYC: Enter the Missing 4 digits of PAN Card and your basic information, then your profile will be evaluated, and an Amazon Pay Later limit will be determined then you need to accept terms.
  • Option-2 OTP based eKYC : Enter PAN and Aadhaar number and Continue. An OTP will be received on your mobile number registered to your Aadhaar number. Enter OTP and continue. After submission, the profile will be evaluated, and the Amazon Pay Later limit will be determined which will be displayed on the screen, then you need to accept terms.
  • Option-3 Existing KYC with lending partner : OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number with the Lending Partner Need to enter the missing  Four digits of PAN you used to complete the lender’s KYC. After submission of OTP, the lender will evaluate your profile and determine your Amazon Pay Later limit, which will be displayed on the screen, then you need to accept terms.
  • Option 4, CKYC: Answer a few questions about basic KYC information and consent to the KYC details displayed from CKYCR. After submission, your profile will be evaluate by the lender which determine your Amazon Pay Later limit, that will be displayed on the screen, then you need to accept terms.Read Full Details and direct apply

2- Flipkart Pay Later

Make an order without paying at the moment. You can pay the full amount or in EMIs. The pay later option is available on a few select products listed on Flipkart, Myntra, and Shopsy. It Provides Credit for a month without extra charges. also offer instant refunds on order cancellations and returns with Affordable EMI options. You also get access to a wide range of premium products across categories. The Flipkart Pay Later payment by credit card is easy to avail of and does not require any paperwork. Through the lazypay app, you can scan the BHIMQR Code and pay, or you can use your UPI ID for payment too. Know More

Flipkart Pay Later Eligibility

  • A verified mobile number and an account required.
  • PAN and AADHAR Number Required
  • Required A Bank Account
  • Age Must be 18 years or more
  • Person should be resident of India

Flipkart Pay Later Registration

  • To avail the Flipkart Pay Later EMI Pre-approved Credit option,.
  • selected product page, then click on the ‘buy now’ option.
  • On the next page, select the ‘Flipkart Pay Later EMI’ option to make your payment
  • Then, you have to choose the tenure and plan to continue shopping

3- Lazypay

It Provides a Buy Now, Pay Later option to the user, and they can use it while purchasing online. It is a Bill Payment Method when using online shopping. interest-free credit period of up to 15 days. The Lazypay app is available on Android and iOS, where you can pay at 100+ merchants like Swiggy, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow, Goibibo, and Tatasky.

Lazypay Eligibility

  • A verified mobile number required.
  • PAN Number Required
  • Required A Bank Account.
  • Net Banking Required for auto repayment
  • Age Must be 22-55 years.
  • Person should be salaried and resident of india.

Lazypay Registration

  • Go to the Card Section on your lazypay app .
  • Activate card and follow some simple steps.
  • it provides the limit starting from 10k to 1lac.
4- ZestMoney

ZestMoney is the easiest and fastest way to buy now and pay later using EMI, even if you do not have a credit card. You Can Pay your cart amount with a simple, no-cost EMI option according to your choice. Also, loans can be taken through this platform. Zestmoney has the highest approval rate for loans. There are no processing charges for using this platform. In Simple words, ZestMoney is a Startup that provides digital credit and loans.

Lazypay Eligibility

  • A verified mobile number required.
  • PAN and AADHAR Number Required
  • Required A Bank Account.
  • Age Must be 22-65 years.
  • Person should be resident of India.
  • Credit Card is not required.
  • Employment and income details would be required for loan.

Lazypay Registration

  • Go to the website and find out credit limit then choose the option “click here to get started Card “
  • During the check out you can apply for a zestmoney account at its one of partner merchant.
  • Enter you few basic details then go ahead with this app.
5- Simpl Pay Later

Simpl is an online khata that offers credit-based payments, giving online businesses more power. Payments made within 15 days are not subject to interest charges on your credit limit. It is also a buy-now, pay-later platform that you can utilize for your own satisfaction. Customers of Simpl are now only permitted up to 20,000 depending on their eligibility. Simply guarantee that they will repay the debt. Using Simpl, you may pay for services like electricity, mobile recharges, gas reservations and water bills. Simpl is a payment method that is available on food delivery services like Swiggy and Zomato. For Official Wesbite

 Simpl Pay Later Eligibility

  • A verified mobile number required.
  • PAN and AADHAR or any id address proof Required
  • Required A Bank Account.
  • Age Must be 18 or more.
  • Person should be resident of India.
  • Credit Card is not required.
  • Employment and income details would be required for loan.

Simpl Pay Later Registration

  • Download the app and the click on get started and sign up.
  • Enter you mobile number and verify it by OTP.
  • Then Enter some basic details like Name, emails, Gender, Age.
  • After successful submit the page app will check your eligibility and then confirm you to start with simpl.
Buy Now Pay Later Apps – Advantage and Disadvantages


  • No processing or cancellation fee or very less processing fee
  • Credit card details not required
  • Easy checkout Option on  Pay Later App
  • Dashboard helps to track expenses and repayments on the EMI
  • No Pre-Closure charges
  • No cost EMI (Equated Monthly Installments)
  • Integration with account
  • Flexibility in payment options
  • Get instant decision on your credit limit by the lender


  • Your Credit will be hit if fail to pay on time.
  • High Tendency for having loan.
  • Enhance the habit to buy unnecessarily.
  • Penalty can be charges if EMI get bounced.
How Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India Works

In our daily lives, the majority of us buy our groceries and rations from the neighborhood kirana store on a monthly credit basis, which means we first buy the things and then pay for them later. Based on our reputation and credit score, the kirana retailers allow us to purchase items on credit. Similar to how these apps work, when we create an account on one of them, the app checks our credit score based on our personal information. Once our account is confirmed, we are then qualified to purchase products on credit. Check the following:

  • Auto repayment: which is a one-time setup during registration, or at the time of first purchase using Pay Later APP
  • Manual repayment function from its dashboard it is for manual repayment of the installments or full pending balance through any ATM cum debit card, UPI payment or net-banking.

For auto repayment, sight will redirected to your bank page to complete the process by using Net banking or debit card-based authentication. After Completing the process the due amount will be automatically deducted from your linked bank account. The above process makes the repayments hassle-free. The one time mandate setup can be charged by your bank. Details of Bank page should be read carefully.

Things to Know While Choosing The Best App

Availability: Check the Availability for online and offline purchases

Integration: Check the integration with various merchants

Eligibility: eligibility criteria matters the most on credit based facility.

Interest Rates: Check the interest rates on EMI payment also check the penalty rates if fails to pay on time.

Bottom Line:

Customers of Pay Later Apps have access to practical and adaptable installment payment options. It offers a simple and cost-effective method for handling expenses and making purchases on the platform with integrated checkout, customizable repayment length, and possibly interest-free choices. It’s vital to keep in mind that the features, terms, and availability of these installment payment programmed may differ depending on the country. It is advised to carefully read the individual terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements published by the relevant providers before utilizing any service. It is advised to use these apps when you need them the most because failing to repay them may negatively impact your credit score.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  Is Pan Number Mandatory?

Yes, Provide your PAN details at the time of registration, Not require for every transaction.

Will  My Personal Details be Secure?

It follows globally recognized and certified data security standards to ensure safety of your data and information.

What happens if I don’t pay my EMI on time?

Pay your EMI on time in order to avoid late payment charges. Maintain adequate balance in your account around the repayment date. Not paying your EMI on time could result in a negative impact to your CIBIL score and all other bureau scores. Pay on time to avoid any legal action or suspension of account.

Name of Some Pay Later Apps?

Some Other app is like Mobikwik, Paytm postpaid, Freecharge, Epay later and Afterpay.

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