DDO Full Form : A Financial and Strong Pillar in an Office {Splendid Facts 2024}

DDO Full Form : Key Highlights

In This Article We Cover every details of DDO such as DDO Full Form, his or her Role in an office, important DDO Platform and many more. kindly go through the details below:

  • DDO Full Form is Drawing and Disbursing officer.
  • Drawing Disbursement Officer is the person who is responsible for proper and efficient operation of financial transactions of any office.
  • The Drawing Disbursement Officer is responsible for drawing money from the treasury and for proper distribution of the money.
  • Generally in each District Office, there is one DDO Officer appoints.
  • In every government offices, DDO has to sign to all the payment such as salary, office expenses, retirement dues payment etc. No money can be withdrawn from the treasury without DDO Sign.
  • The Drawing Disbursing Officer also prepares the budget estimates for his office every financial year, that is, the details of the expenses and income related to his office.
  • Any drawing distribution officer or head of office declared by the government, using the powers conferred by the Financial Rules Compendium Section Five Part-1, authorized any one gazetted officer under him to sign bills or checks etc as a drawing distribution officer.
  • There is no reduction in the financial rights of the Head of the office if the HOD nominates another gazetted officer as the drawing distribution officer.
DDO Full Form
DDO Drawing and disburisng Officer


DDO Full Form: What are the Works Which DDO Performs

Work related to the income received or deposited in the office and its expenditure:-

  1. Arranging a cash counter for the departmental income and other government money which is deposited in the office by the payers.
  2. Appointing an Employee to receive money from depositors or where cashier is available, then ensuring this work from the cashier itself.
  3. Depositing the collected money in the bank through treasury challan form 43-A and getting it matched or reconcile.
  4. Withdraw the money from the treasury only when there is an urgent need for payment, Try to put cap on unnecessary expenditure.
  5. Make sure to obtain a receipt from the payee and record each financial transaction in financial books.
  6. Ensuring payment by the office for various purposes such as Salary payment, office contingencies, payment of retired dues of employees  etc.
  7. Ensuring the deposit certain amount To GPF or NPS Account from the salary of employee.
  8. Maintenance of G.P.F. Passbook and N.P.S. Passbook and every financial year verify the closing of passbooks.
  9. Preparation of Monthly Expenditure Statement of the expenditure incurred by the office every month, also maintain Cash Book, Pay Bill Register, Payment Register, Traveling Bill Register etc.
  10. Employees who have been given any kind of advance or loan, ensure the recovery of that advance or loan from their salary as per the rules.
  11. Filing of TDS every quarter and Deduct Income Tax as per rules.

DDO Full Form: TDS Filing By DDO

After 01st April, 2005, All the DDO’s of State Government have to file TDS Every Quarter. Form 24Q and 26Q  has to filed and prepared by computer. The returns received from the National Securities Depository Limited’s website www.tin-nsdl.com are generated by the Return Preparation Utility Option.

The dates for filing TDS Returns are as follows:

Quater of Every Financial Year Last Date
First QTR (April to June) 31st July
Second QTR (July to September) 30th October
Third QTR (October to December) 31st January
Fourth QTR (January to March) 31st May


What is Treasury Bill Forms

Whenever the money has to be withdrawn from the treasury, the purpose for which the money is being withdrawn has to be deposited in the treasury by filling the bill on the prescribed forms, the details of which are as follows:-

S.No. Treasury Bill Forms Subject of Treasury Bill Forms Purposes
1 2 3 4
1 101 Salary It is mandatory to fill this form for withdrawing the salary of the Employees.
2 102 Travel This form is to be filled for payment of reimbursement of expenses related to the travel done by the employee for official work.
3 103 Contingency Expenditure For payment of office contingencies
4 104 Deposit Refund and Compensation For deposit refund and compensation
5 105 General For grant-in-aid, loan and advance
6 106 Retirement Benefits For payment of dues of an employee on his retirement.



Every bill should be filled carefully, the amount should be written in English language, there should be no overwriting or cutting etc. Amount Should be written in words or in numbers both so that no one can mislead or can do fraud. The entry of each bill is written in a register called Register 11-C. It is mandatory to verify the 11C register in every month.

What is DDO Portal

DDO Portal is web based portal which is upkosh.up.nic.in. The portal is designed to improve the efficiency of bill passing. For this portal, it is mandatory for the DDO to have a digital signature. By registering on this portal, DDO Can approve his ID and Password from the concerned treasury.

DDO Get the ID and Password after his application get approved on Portal. DDO Also can make another user id and generate password for the usage of his subordinate employee, so that his subordinate can perform some useful task on portal. DDO have to verify all the transaction when his subordinate send any application to him.

 DDO Portal Features

  1.  Data management of government servants at the level of D.D.O.
  2. Easy and fast calculation of salary.
  3. Ease of preparing salary bill from anywhere.
  4. Ability to generate various types of reports in less time.

What is the DDO Code

The Drawing Disbursement Officer is allotted a unique code number by the Treasury and Accounts Directorate, which is called D.D.O. Code. Sample signature and other necessary information of each drawing distribution officer needs to be recorded in the treasury, so that in future, bill payment can be matched with the sample signature, as it happens in banks.


Treasury Wise DDO List in Uttar Pradesh

By clicking on this link, you can know the list of drawing and disbursement officers according to your treasury. Click to know how many department wise codes of drawing and disbursement officers are registered in a treasury. Click to Know the Code

DDO Full Form : Frequently Asked Question
What is Main Work of DDO?

To Sign the cheques of office for payment such as salary, offices expenses, contingency etc. And to record every financial transaction in prescribed register or books.

Can a DDO Deduct income tax from salary?

Yes, DDO has power to deduct income tax, if it is applicable

Who Can be a DDO?

Any Gazetted Officer who have been appoint by the head of the department.

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