Old Pension Scheme News : 20 times more Pension Under the OPS Scheme, from Rs 1770 to Rs 36850 {Splendid Hike}

Old Pension Scheme News: What is New

Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh State, Hon. Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu Gave A Wonderful Gift to his State Government employees. Chint Ram Shastri of Himachal Got 20 times more Pension Under the Old Pension Scheme, from Rs 1770 to Rs 36850 Per Month.

Hon. Chief Minister reinstated the Old Pension Scheme in place of the New Pension Scheme. Due to which great enthusiasm was seen among his state employees when Hon. Chief Minister reinstated the Old Pension Scheme in place of the New Pension Scheme.

One of the biggest benefits of restoration of old pension was seen when Mr. Chint Ram Shastri, a resident of Himachal Pradesh, received a message of Rs.36850 as pension on Tuesday. As soon as the message arrived, after getting the complete information, the entire family jumped with joy, and this news spread throughout the state.

Let us inform you that Mr. Chint Ram Shastri was a government employee in Himachal State, and he retired from his department on July 31, 2017. His total service period was about 13 years and 10 months. He was covered by the new pension scheme implemented after 2004.  Shastri Said Bye Bye Tension and Welcome Pension.

Old Pension Scheme News
Old Pension Scheme News


Who Issued Pension Order to Mr. Chint Ram Shastri

Pension Order was Issed to Mr. Chint Ram Shastri by AG Office, Shimla. The entire family wholeheartedly welcomed and thanked this decision of the Chief Minister of the State Himanchal Pradesh.

Old Pension Scheme News: Pension Amount Before And After

Let us tell you that Shastri’s last salary was Rs.57000, under which he was getting a pension of only Rs. 1770 per month, which has now increased 20 times and now he is receiving a pension amount of Rs. 36850 per month in his bank account. Other employees of the state are also receiving pension orders under the old pension scheme.

Old Pension Scheme News: What is Old Pension Scheme:

Under the Old Pension Scheme i.e. Old Pension Scheme (OPS), before the year 2004, the government used to give a fixed pension to the employees after retirement. This pension was based on the salary of the employee at the time of retirement. Under OPS, there was a provision for General Provident Fund (GPF). General Provident Fund is applicable only to Government employees.

In G.P.F. Government employees have to contribute a certain percentage of their salary to GPF and the total amount accumulated during the entire employment period is paid to the employee at the time of retirement. The government bears the expenditure on pension. In this scheme, after the death of the retired employee, his family members were also given pension. However, this scheme was discontinued on 1 April 2004 and replaced by the National Pension Scheme(NPS).

Old Pension Scheme
Old Pension Scheme

For Government Employees, OPS and N.P.S are two new schemes or systems, due to lack of similarities between these two schemes, government employees of different states are opposing the new pension scheme, and are constantly requesting the government to restore the old pension scheme under a uniform system.

On the other hand, if we talk about politicians, the same old pension system has been restored for them, they are not covered by the new pension scheme. This thing has also become the reason for the anger of the government personnel. Although closed for more than 20 years of O.P.S. scheme, It is not easy for any government to re-operate. It will be challenging to adopt OPS in place of NPS for any state, but in view of the coming elections, it is possible that various state government personnel will restore the old pension system.

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