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Introduction & Understanding

In a move aimed at encouraging employment opportunities and fostering skill development among the youth, the Haryana government introduced the Saksham Yojna. The Haryana Skillful Scheme was initiated by the state government on November 1, 2016. This visionary scheme has been designed to empower young individuals, making them self-reliant contributors to the workforce. Saksham Yojna Apply Online for your brighter Future.

The Saksham Yojana is a state-sponsored initiative that focuses on providing employment to the youth of Haryana. Launched with the goal of reducing unemployment rates and enhancing the skills of the young population, this scheme has gained widespread acclaim for its impact. Saksham Yojna Apply Online Process is very easy, we would cover all the details, kindly read below

Saksham Yojna Apply Online
Saksham Yojna Apply Online

Saksham Yojna Scheme at a Glance :

Full Name of Scheme Saksham Yojna (Also Known As Saksham Yuva Rojgar Yojna )
State Haryana
Year in which scheme started and by whom 2016 by Hon. Chief Minister
Main Purpose of Scheme Providing employment allowance to unemployed youth
Official Website
Helpline Number 18001802403


Document Required : Saksham Yojna Apply Online  

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Passport-sized photo
  3. PAN card
  4. Voter ID card
  5. Educational certificates (10+2, Graduate/Postgraduate mark sheets and degree, etc.)
  6. Income proof document
  7. Bank account passbook
  8. Email ID
  9. Mobile number

Elegibility : Saksham Yojna Apply Online 

  1. Individuals who are residents of Haryana will be eligible for benefits.
  2. Both men and women are eligible for this scheme.
  3. All students who have completed the 12th class (10+2), graduation, and post-graduation are eligible for benefits under this scheme.
  4. Only individuals aged between 21 and 35 will be considered eligible for benefits in this scheme.
  5. Those whose family’s annual income is less than ₹3,00,000 will be considered eligible under the scheme.
  6. Those who apply for this scheme and meet all the eligibility criteria will be included as beneficiaries in the scheme.

Saksham Yojna Major Benefits:

  1. All educated unemployed youth in the state of Haryana will be able to find employment through this scheme, which will help them cover all their essential expenses.
  2. The government has informed that the benefits of this scheme will be provided for only 3 years.
  3. Students who have passed the 10th class, 12th class (10+2), or completed graduation/post-graduation are eligible for this scheme.
  4. Monthly benefit of ₹100 will be given to all students who have passed the matriculation 10th.
  5. ₹900 per month will be given for 12th pass students.
  6. ₹1500 per month will be given for graduate students.
  7. ₹3000 per month for postgraduate students as unemployment allowance.

Saksham Yojna Apply Online : Online Portal for Registration

The application process for the scheme is made convenient through an online portal. Interested candidates can register and apply for the program through this user-friendly platform.

Saksham Yojna Apply Online : Process & Steps

  1. Go to Official Website
  2. Click on log in/sign-in button.
  3. Under Sign-in button click on Saksham yuva
  4. Fill your details Submit sign up process.
  5. After Creating account or sign up then you have to login again.
  6. Fill registration number instead aadhar number.
  7. Fill your Qualification.
  8. Final Submit your application.
  9. For Any query you can call 18001802403
Saksham Yojna : Key Features

1.Skill Development Training:

One of the foundation of the Saksham Yojna is the emphasis on skill development. Under this scheme, eligible candidates receive specialized training in various sectors, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in the job market.

2.Employment Opportunities:

After completion of all the program related to training, participants can connect with employers. The government collaborates with businesses and industries to create job opportunities for these skilled individuals.

 3.Financial Assistance:

To ease the financial burden on the youth during the training period, the scheme offers a stipend. This financial support ensures that participants can focus on learning without worrying about their basic needs.

 4.Subsidized Loans for Entrepreneurship:

Recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, the Saksham Yojna also provides subsidized loans for those who wish to start their own ventures. This encourages self-employment and the creation of small businesses.

Impact on Youth Employment:

Since its inception, the Saksham Yojana has had a profound impact on youth employment in Haryana. The comprehensive training programs have equipped young individuals with relevant skills, making them more marketable and attractive to employers. The increase in employment rates among the youth is a testament to the success of the scheme.

Success Stories:

The success stories emerging from the Saksham Yojana are inspiring and heartening. Many participants who initially faced challenges in securing employment have gone on to find meaningful roles in diverse industries. Whether it’s in manufacturing, services, or entrepreneurship, the scheme has opened doors for countless young individuals.

Challenges and Future Prospects:

While the Saksham Yojana has achieved considerable success, challenges persist. Continuous efforts are needed to enhance the reach of the program, ensuring that it benefits a larger section of the youth population. Additionally, periodic evaluations and updates to the training modules can further enhance the relevance of the skills imparted.

Takeaway : 

The Saksham Yojana stands as a beacon of hope for the youth of Haryana. By combining skill development, financial assistance, and employment opportunities, the scheme has paved the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the young workforce. As the program evolves, it is poised to make even greater step in empowering the youth and contributing to the overall development of the state.

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