Tilak Mehta Net Worth : Just 13 Years Age, A Young Entrepreneur Making Waves in India

The Inspirational Journey of Tilak Mehta

In the vast landscape of Indian entrepreneurship, there emerges a shining star whose story is as inspiring as it is remarkable. Meet Tilak Mehta, a name resonating across the internet, not just for his youth but for his entrepreneurial prowess and determination to carve his own path in the business world.In Our Blog We would cover all the relevant details of tilak mehta, tilak mehta biography tilak mehta net worth, his company name, his success story etc. Read Below to get motivated.

Tilak Mehta Net Worth
Tilak Mehta Net Worth

Early Beginnings:

Tilak Mehta hails from Gujarat, but his journey truly began to take shape in Mumbai. His entrepreneurial spirit ignited while he was just an 8th-grade student at Garodia International School in Mumbai. It was during a vacation at his uncle’s house when the seed of an idea was planted in his young mind.

Tilak Mehta Company Name

The Genesis of Papers N Parcels: A forgotten math book sparked the inception of Papers N Parcels. Tilak, in need of his book, faced the dilemma of expensive courier charges. Determined to find a solution, he conceptualized an affordable same-day courier delivery service. With the support of his uncle, Ghanshyam Parekh, who now serves as the CEO, Papers N Parcels was born.

The Vision and Operations:

Papers N Parcels is not just a business for Tilak; it’s his dream. The company is committed to providing guaranteed same-day delivery of small packages and documents within Mumbai. With a team of over 200 employees and more than 300 Dabba wala partners, they handle around 1200 deliveries daily. Their core operations are based in Dadar, strategically located at the heart of Mumbai.

The Success Formula:

Several factors contribute to the success of Papers N Parcels. Firstly, their partnership with Mumbai Dabba walas operates on a commission-based model, ensuring efficiency and flexibility. This innovative approach shields the company from the uncertainties of staffing costs, exemplified during the COVID-19 lock down.

Secondly, Tilak’s young age at the inception of the business garnered widespread media attention, catapulting him into the limelight and giving his venture invaluable publicity. His story became a testament to the power of youth and determination.

Lastly, Papers N Parcels fills a crucial gap in the market by offering hassle-free, secure, and same-day delivery services. Their user-friendly mobile app streamlines the process, catering to the time-strapped individuals and businesses alike.

Personal and Professional Achievements:

At just 17, Tilak Mehta has already amassed an impressive list of accolades, including the Forbes Leadership Award, the Global Child Prodigy Award, and the India Maritime Award, among others. His turnover crossed 100 crores in the financial year 2020-21, a testament to his business acumen and dedication.

Beyond Business:

Despite his young age and busy schedule, Tilak finds time for his hobbies, which include watching movies, web series, and dancing. His favorite personalities, like Dr. Vivek Bindra, serve as a constant source of inspiration for him.

Private Information and Knowledge

Real name Tilak Mehta
Age 17
Date of birth 12 March 2006
Nickname Tilak
Birthplace Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian
Grew up in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Zodiac sign Libra
School Garodia International School, Mumbai
College/University N/A
Caste Gujarati
Religion Hindu
Profession Entrepreneur and Famous Personality

Tilak Mehta Rewards

  1. Forbes Leadership Award (2018) Click here for official website
  2. Global child prodigy award (2020) Click here for official website
  3. India Maritime Award (2020) Click for official website
  4. BMA Young Achiever (2020) Click for official website
  5. Zephyrus (2020) Click for official website

Vital Stats

Weight 48 kg in kilograms
106 lbs in pounds
Height 157 cm in centimeters
1.57 m in meters
5’2″ in feet and inches
Body measurements Chest – 29 inches
Waist – 25 inches
Biceps – 12 inches
Eye color Black
Hair color Black

Family Background

Father Vishal Mehta
Mother Kajal Mehta
Sister Tanvi Mehta
Brother N/A
Marital status Unmarried
Wife N/A
Girlfriend N/A
Crush Tamannah

Tilak Mehta Net worth

Tilak Mehta a 13 years old boy has achieved something which people can not expect from such age, he got the massive wealth at just this age, as per data he got 65 crore wealth which has increasing day by day, As per data at present his net worth is approximately more than 100 Crore. Now his age is 17 years. Have a Look

Monthly income 8 Cr. (2022)
Net worth More than 100 Cr.

Likeable Things: Some Personal Stats

Favorite Cricketer Suresh Raina
Favorite Food Tikka, Bihari Bati
Favorite Actor Prabhas
Favorite Actress Kangana Ranaut
Favorite Personality Dr. Vivek Bindra
Favorite Male Singer Morgan Wallen
Favorite Female Singer Neha Kakkar
Favorite Youtuber Ashish Chanchlani
Favorite Tiktoker Riaz Aly
Favorite Place Italy
Hobbies Watching Movies and Web Series, Dancing


Conclusion: Tilak Mehta Net Worth

Tilak Mehta’s journey from a young student with a vision to a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring. His story underscores the importance of ambition, innovation, and perseverance in the face of challenges. As Papers N Parcels continues to expand its footprint across India, Tilak’s legacy as one of the country’s youngest and brightest entrepreneurs is set to endure.

  1. Who is Tilak Mehta? Tilak Mehta is a young entrepreneur from India known for founding Papers N Parcels, a same-day courier delivery service, while still in school.
  2. What inspired Tilak to start Papers N Parcels? Tilak’s inspiration came from a need for an affordable same-day courier service after forgetting his math book at his uncle’s house.
  3. How does Papers N Parcels operate? Papers N Parcels ensures same-day delivery of small packages and documents within Mumbai, employing over 200 staff and leveraging partnerships with over 300 Dabbawalas.
  4. What factors contributed to Papers N Parcels’ success? The company’s success stems from its innovative partnership model with Dabbawalas, Tilak’s youth garnering media attention, and its user-friendly services.
  5. What achievements has Tilak Mehta attained? Tilak has received accolades such as the Forbes Leadership Award and the Global Child Prodigy Award, with Papers N Parcels achieving a turnover of over 100 crores.
  6. Tilak mehta net worth 2024?   More than 100 Crore.

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